The Zofnass Economic Process Tool is a platform that offers a fast and easy way to understand sustainability externalities in infrastructure projects. The quantification of sustainability externalities becomes an integral part of the design process and promotes the implementation of sustainable strategies. Understanding sustainability externalities can help negotiate existing gaps in the planning and implementation of infrastructure projects, enabling more stakeholders to become part of the solution. The Zofnass Economic Process Tool is developed at the Zofnass Program for Sustainable Infrastructure, under the direction of prof. Andreas Georgoulias, and was made possible under a generous donation from Mr. Paul Zofnass in 2013. The Zofnass Economic Process Tool is based on the Envision™ Rating System, which was jointly developed by the Zofnass Program at Harvard University and the Institute for Sustainable Infrastructure.

The Zofnass Economic Process Tool and all related web applications, data and information was prepared as the basis for discussion and academic research. The application and all supporting material, data and information contained herein are not made for, and should not be used for any of the following that includes but is not limited to cost-benefit analysis, professional consulting, investing, marketing or selling of securities and any other kind of professional services or commercial activities.

This web application is under development and may contain partial and incomplete information and data. The material contained and presented through the application is in a draft form, and intended solely for academic research.

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